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Ello! Welcome, welcome :) The lovely library consists of anything to everything :) It is filled from books, to movies, to music, to fashion. Enjoy! Instagram name is thelovelylibrary :). P.s I own none of the pictures on here unless stated.

Joanna Traeger Photography

She’s just the sun. And she’s got such depth; she can do anything, you know. She’s magic. - Andrew Garfield

"When we reached Newport late that evening after the long drive from Boston, I had my first meeting with Jacqueline Bouvier. Shortly after Jack and I had reached the house, she came down in a bathrobe and slippers. Her wide-eyed beauty, her grace and quiet ease of manner caused me to show her unusual deference for someone in her early twenties…With all her sophistication, she couldn’t conceal her love for Jack. Because I was there, Jack was a little self-conscious. After giving her a relatively quick kiss and embrace, he turned, partly breaking the embrace, and said, ‘Jackie, this is Red Fay.’ We went into the kitchen for a glass of milk and freshly baked chocolate-covered pan cake. While we ate and talked, Jacqueline would reach for Jack’s arm or hand, and speak with great delight of their coming marriage. She laughed. She almost sang. She did all the things a young, beautiful girl does when she is in love and the man she loves is with her. The Senator, who was then thirty-six, tried to appear casual about all the affection coming his way, but obviously was thoroughly enjoying every second."
—Red Fay, The Pleasure of His Company


"We Southern boys are slow with our words, but we’re fast on our feet."
— Francis Underwood