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What Do I Want?

I feel like I’m finally settling into my junior year high-school. I’m finally getting used to my schedule and getting into the feel of doing homework everyday. I’ve also realized how much you need to know and do in junior year. Apparently I need to know what college I want to go to and what I want to major in right now so that I know what I have to aim for on my SAT scores. Maybe I’m just really naive, but how do you expect a 16 year to know what she/he wants to do in life, and where she/he wants to go to college, when they barely even know who they are? Am I really that naive? Should I know what I want to do in life and where I want to go to college at my age? 

I’m also afraid that even when I’m in college I’ll still not know what I want to do. What if nursing isn’t for me? What do I do next? I don’t want to end up with a job where I’m unhappy, and I’m sitting in front on a computer for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Why can’t I do something that I love? I wish there was a job that involved photography, fashion, makeup, singing, dancing, and a little bit of traveling. But there’s no such thing. I don’t know, is there anyone else out there who feels the same way? 

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i feel like mr. brightside is one of those songs you’re gonna hear on the radio in the car 20 years from now after not hearing it in forever and your gonna just start sobbing bUT ITS JUST THE PRICE I PAY DESTINY IS CALLLLINGNG M E and your kids are gonna be like is she okay

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Watching Hunger Games
  • Book Katniss: This was my dad's jacket
  • Movie Katniss: My dad was a woman's size 4



friends go for the ear area


best friends go for the bum area


friends blow each other kisses


best friends flip each other off


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aaron tveit:

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  • winks with two eyes
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